Mineral Management

Mineral Centric, our mineral management division is a team of highly skilled professionals who are working daily to maximize your oil and gas revenues.  Commonly, we find that whether it be through a real estate purchase, inheritance, or any number of reasons, that people are found holding oil and gas rights that they do not have any experience with, but do not have any interest in selling at this time. Good news, you found a team that has developed a highly effective process for taking control of these interests on your behalf, and maximizing their potential.

We will manage various oil and gas assets for individuals, trusts, and multiple entities for years. To qualify for the management division of our organization, we require that the market value of your oil and gas assets are of at least 3 million dollars.  We are happy to help evaluate your market value to help see if you do meet the requirement. We take pride in the management or your assets and manage them as if they were our own.